Quick Start Software ISPF Sessions

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Quick Start Software ISPF Sessions

Postby sysprog » Fri 10 Jul 2009, 01:31

Our system provides some fast way to start the commonly used software products. The commands can be used directly from any command line of your ISPF/TSO sessions. Here are the summary:
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Command  Description        Command  Description           
======== ===============    ======== =====================
SDSF,SD  Start SDSF,        DDLIST   List allocated DD     
DB2,DB   Start DB2 SPUFI    IPLINFO  List IPL information 
DB2A,    Start DB2 Admin    WHOHAS   Find who uses dataset
IPCS,IP  Start IPCS         FINDMOD  Find a load module   
OMVS,OM  Start OMVS         HOLD     Start stacked session
======== ===============    ======== =====================
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