Practice, training, class exercises

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Practice, training, class exercises

Postby steve-myers » Wed 10 Aug 2016, 12:43

Part of the messages you receive after you complete a logon read -
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*  Please note that use of this system for (corporate) training *
*  purposes is not allowed under any circumstances!             *
The proprietors of the FanDeZhi system mean what it says. Any user using the system for this purpose will be immediately suspended. If you are logged on, your session will be canceled, and your userid will be altered so it cannot be used.

If your course instructor told you the FanDeZhi system could be used for this purpose, he lied. If you read on the Internet somewhere that the FanDeZhi system could be used for this purpose, notify the administrator of that web site that it is incorrect and the information should be removed from the site.
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